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i hope this man was helped. nice to know there is somewhere else to go there when the medical profession says they can do no more.


Very powerful visuals. The guy is anorexic, he's skin and bones. I hope he really is doing well.

SD (Aspherical)

I like how you've captured the chaos and strangeness of the exorcism in this post.


well, sometimes, it's faith that drives a person.. very nice captures.. :)

Otto K.

This is probably my favorite set within this great series so far. Very nice!


These are some of the most graphic and strongest pictures in your series. Excellent work, Sidney!

joshi daniel

amazing and new level of faith!


Sidney, you're amazing.

dong ho

oh wow! if that's true!


C'est presque un peu effrayant !! Mais il y a tan de monde que ça possédés ???
Les photos sont vraiment top


des regards "habités" impressionnants !!


the one with the closeup of the man lying on his back with that gaze is ingenious


Une puissance incroyable ressort de ton reportage Sidney!
Bonne journée


Thank you for taking us there with you! Such great photos and coverage!

As usual, I am a skeptic, especially when it comes to matters of faith. It might just be a gimmick or the patient has so much faith he can get healed, he actually got healed. The body can achieve what the mind wants to believe.

About your comment in my blog, are you serious? Haha! I want to see for myself - I'll get there! Interesting proposal, though! :P


I am surprised that you managed to get great pictures despite the very dark place of the chapel. I don't have too many good pictures as you do! The idea of black and white is just makes me feel really creepy as if Satan could appear all of a sudden from the picture!

Amazing, bravo!


It looks like this man is close to death, Sidney, so any kind of betterment would sure him well, I'm guessing! Dutch is right in saying there is much to be said about the mind and thinking positively. What we believe is very powerful!

luna miranda

i have goosebumps looking at this photos. the patient is so frail and a foot on this stomach looks painful!


shame indeed that you couldn't do the follow up.
The openness surprises me, how they let you photograph the whole process.

OT: don't know if the girl in the barber's wagon was there for entertainment purposes, maybe she just accompanied the guy in the chair.


Faith healing is very common in the Phils. I've witnessed one or two sessions. The b&w adds more drama to the scene. Great pictures! =)


I would have loved for you to be able to do a fallow up on the old man. Maybe you will see him again some day!


Being discharged from the hospital because you can't afford the treatment is a terrible thing. At least this guy found comfort somewhere...


Incroyable, çà donne le vertige.


They say even in true medicine that a positive mental attitude can help towards healing and sometimes even make a difference.. even in life or death. Some people do just give up. So in some respect this holy man is healing these people spiritually at the very least.. and giving them hope to go on.


Cure or kill, I guess. You have created a visually powerful story here. The B&W works well with these powerful images.


I really like the power of this series in B&W. Somehow gives the shots an edge.

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